Fictional Landscapes


I produce my work by first generating a 3D digital environment. These environments include natural elements; water, land, atmosphere, lighting and, often times, figures and objects. Once an environment is setup I travel through it capturing viewpoints that strike me. Each point is proofed to the screen multiple times, and each time adjusted, until I reach an image that is rendered. This is sent to my print service provider for proofing and output with archival inks on paper. Scale is usually a minimum of 42 inches in the smallest direction and up to 60 inches in the largest direction. Normally my art work is face-mounted on anodized aluminum and with non-glare lexan.


Below is a brief description of the process of creating my landscape artwork.


Night Sky 1, 51" x 28" at 300dpi, digital production image, 2014 [mouseover to view detail]

Night Sky 1


Basic animated detail of wireframe construction process.

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