Forever, and ever, 36 x 24”, digital monoprint, March 13th, 2019.


Fictional Landscapes and Abstracts

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I work with paper, paint, ink, words, pixels, paper-clips, dead stereo speakers, and other stuff that sparkles and grabs my attention.


I currently focus my energies on producing fictional landscapes, the occasional color & form abstract, and random uncategorized artsy things.


Fictional Landscapes—a little about this process. I produce my work by first generating a 3D digital environment. These environments include natural elements; water, land, atmosphere, lighting and, often times, figures and objects. Once an environment is setup I travel through it capturing viewpoints that strike me. Each point is proofed to the screen multiple times, and each time adjusted, until I reach an image that is rendered. This is sent to my print service provider for proofing and output with archival inks on paper. Scale is usually a minimum of 42 inches in the smallest direction and up to and over 60 inches in the largest direction.


Selected work available at SAATCHI ARTDEPICT or Contact me with any questions.



Thank you. Enjoy.


TJ Silverlake

Valencia, California


select work available

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